Six Benefits of Undergoing Skin Needling Treatment

Six Benefits of Undergoing Skin Needling Treatment

TayahAlfaro February 4, 2022

Skin needling is a cosmetic procedure involving pricking the skin using minute sterilised needles. The goal is to stimulate the body to produce more collagen cells that are responsible for healing the skin as well as making it firm and younger.

So many people go to the extreme just to try and make their skin appear younger and tender. Although there are many techniques to achieve this outcome, skin needling is one of the oldest and most promising techniques of treating the skin because the skin heals itself naturally without any chemical application.

To help you understand more about skin needling, here are some benefits of undertaking a skin needling procedure.

Importance of skin needling treatment

  • Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles on the face can make you look older than you are. This can occur to people who tend to frown most of the time or those who are always sad/serious. The skin needling treatment can help to boost the level of elastin and collagen production in those areas to get rid of the fine lines.

  • Scar treatment

Skin needling procedure helps to treat several types of scars except for the raised scars (keloids). Thus you can get rid of the scars on your skin, especially those that are exposed to the public. The region will go back to how it was before you suffered the injury and got a scar.

  • Anti-aging

This is one of the main reasons why most people are seeking skin needling treatments, especially the old ones. As you get older, the level of collagen production reduces and your skin starts to shrink bit by bit. Skin needling procedure can help to make your skin firm once more by stimulating the generation of more collagen tissues which will feel the void in your skin.

  • Boosts topical products

Some people tend to run for topical skin products to boost their skin appearances when they start to notice awkward changes. However, they do not realise that once the skin shrinks, it becomes difficult to absorb those skin products. Skin needling helps to provide a portal where the topical products can find their way into the skin and work as required. Thus, the skin needling enhances the efficiency of topical products.

  • Fewer side effects

Skin needling procedure has fewer side effects when compared to other types of treatments such as laser treatment. This is also true since the needles are only used to induce the skin to produce more collagen. So we can say that it is a “natural” means of skin treatment.

  • Less treatment period

Lastly, skin needling takes a shorter treatment time when compared to laser. It may take up to around three days’ maximum until a person sees the outcomes for skin needling, while it may take between 14 and 21 days in the case of laser treatment.

Why you should opt for skin needling treatment

Herstellen offer skin needling at their Brisbane Clinic. Here are a few facts you should know before undergoing the procedure:

Affordable – skin needling is quite affordable as contrasted to laser treatment. It does not involve any kind of special equipment to administer their treatment.

Quick healing – the patient heals within three days and the skin starts to glow henceforth. It is the right solution if you are in urgent need of skin treatment.

Less pain – because of minimal side effects, the patient experiences very little pain that diminishes within hours of administration.

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